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‘SINGLES’ are driven by companionship. SINGLES DINING OUT satisfies this drive by providing a format where single people can meet and socialize in an unintimidating environment.

Think about it. You could go to a bar and spend the entire night getting up enough courage to go up to a stranger and introduce yourself. The fear of rejection is many time overwhelming.

Wouldn’t you rather be in a place where 39 other people are coming to meet you?  Imagine 20 women (and men) paying to meet you?

This is not ‘speed dating’ where you meet a few people and make up your mind after briefly meeting  in 6 or 8 minutes if you want to spend the rest of your life with this person. SINGLES DINING OUT is more like ‘slow dating’….”one fun night, twenty great dates”.


Enjoy a half-hour cocktail party before dinner, then a full sit-down dinner including coffee & dessert.

The seating is prearranged with the men seated with a woman on either side. After each course, the men rotate to the adjoining table. In the course of the night, every man will be seated at each table, meeting all the women.

There’s no better way to meet quality singles.